Fighting for climate justice: what can Luxembourg financial industry do better?

Marco Caldana, Founder & CEO of FARAD Group, interviews the activist and leader of Youth for Climate Movement in Luxembourg Natasha Lepage, guest speaker at a dinner event session organized within the framework of LuxFLAG Sustainable Investment Week.

Putting sustainability at the forefront of finance was the common goal of the first edition of #LSIW19 where LuxFLAG partners organized, on October 22nd, 23rd and 24rt a series of 15 standalone events covering a wide range of topics such as Climate Finance, ESG, Impact Investing and Sustainable Development Goals. 

Unlike other technical sessions rich in content and dedicated to ESG metrics, macro trends and reporting, or more educational ones aimed at establishing awareness concerning sustainability issues, FARAD Group decided to focus on a different, yet vital aspect: leadership and commitment, where it all begins.
The event, intended to conclude the second day of LSIW19 on October 23rd, has been the occasion for some fifty representatives of Luxembourg insurance and financial industries to share best practices and the common challenges they are currently facing, tackling environmental problems within their day-to-day activity.

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